Green Layout Projecting

Exhibition layout is the core of all events, as brand image is communicated through exhibition space.

But...what happens to an exhibition space placed in a green event?

Definetly, choosing recycled plastic dinnerware is not enough to call an event sustainable, especially if the contractor's choice is to strongly link his brand image to environmental sustainable behaviours.

The eco sustainable exhibition design must consider, as a whole action, three phases: production, use and dismantling. Only a dedicated design can coordinate the multiplicity of aspects which are parts of its realization.

BBA-Architetti & Partners srl designs temporary exhibition spaces and retail spaces using an eco exhibit design method, called Green Layout Projecting. This innovative and directly operative tool allows to previously fix the environmental preformance wished, and to pursue it through project.

Take a glance at our Green LayoutCounter, and get a fast environmental evaluation of your exhibition space (soon in English)!

Green Layout Projecting offers companies the big opportunity to communicate true and strong environmental results, while obtaining high eco performances and saves on operating costs.

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