Gherardini’s sustainable temporary installation for the "Pretiosa"

The first temporary installation designed according to the Guidelines for the environmentally sustainableinstallations of the Tuscany Region, is the Gheradini exhibition event relized for the presentation of the new bag "Pretiosa", which will take place during the Pitti W, from 10 to 13 January 2012 at the Academy of drawing Arts on Orsanmichele in Florence.
BBA-Architetti are the first which translate concretely, those Eco Criteria and methods for environmental sustainability for the exhibit design, giving important environmental performance to the installation Gherardini, in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, fuel consumption energy and material use.
The concept of the installation defined an image in accord with the mood of the historic Florentine brand, using the preciousness of materials and surfaces to evoke luxury and simplicity characteristic of Gherardini. The solutions of environmental sustainability, intimately related to the project, allowed the realization of a beautiful and fashionable without sacrificing choice of materials and the study of forms which becomes the demonstration that a temporary space can be both "beautiful and good."

The spaces were in fact determined by following the guidelines of the Tuscany Region, defined by the research developed by the Master of Science in Design, University of Florence: a design method that’s repeatable and applicable to installations and environmentally sustainable retail space, characterized by containment and control of energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. Those are the main aspects the Green Layout.

The results, measurable and objectively evaluated through a process of self-control during the design phase, can be communicated in full transparency to the public. The data related to all utilities will be exposed, with the assurance of providing the best possible environmental performance. The level of eco-performance of the entire setup (from production to disposal) could be easily measured in terms of kWh and CO2 through the instrument of ECO-classes.

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